Orlando – Universal


After Thanksgiving, we went to Orlando to go to Universal Studios.  We are really Disney people, but wanted to check out Harry Potter World at Universal.

Our first day, we spent pretty much the whole time at Harry Potter World.  It was really pretty cool.  There weren’t a ton of rides, but the whole park was really well done.  We loved the food at the Leeky Cauldron so much that we ate there twice.  The best part was the frozen Butterbeer.  We had several. The kids favorite part may have been wearing their Harry Potter robes and getting to pick out and buy a wand.  Natalie even got chosen to do be in the show where they pick out a wand for you.

Our second day at Universal wasn’t as great.  We went to the original park, which we aren’t as fond as.  It has some fun rides, but most are really jerky and dizzying rides.  We didn’t stay all day.  We left and went to Downtown Disney for dinner and shopping.

Our last day, before our mid-day flight home, we went in some of the hotels around Disney World.  We had breakfast at Kona, Susan’s favorite.

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