Los Angeles


At the end of 2010, I got a call from a guy offering a cheap vacation package at Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas.  It was basically a timeshare presentation deal.  I looked it up and it looked OK so I bought it.  We had one year to book something.  Towards the end of the year, I got a message that it was going to expire, so we went ahead and booked it for the MLK weekend.

Newport Beach is a really ritzy suburb of Los Angeles.  The resort was pretty awesome and so was our suite.  The night we got there, we drove down the road to Laguna Beach.

The next day, we went to Disneyland.  We weren’t planning on it, because it was going to be so expensive.  That morning, we drove to have breakfast around Disney and check out downtown Disney.  While we were there, we really wanted to go in.  Trey volunteered to pay for it with his Christmas money, so we let him buy us tickets.  It was an awesome day.  I do remember Trey being scared of rocking the ferris wheel.

The following days, we went to Hollywood Boulevard and the park at Beverly Hills that we like to visit.  Of course, we did have to do the “90 minute” timeshare presentation.  I actually kind of enjoyed it.




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