Albuquerque Skiing

2/17 – 2/19/12
We took the kids for a weekend in Albuquerque so they could try out skiing. We left of Friday after school and had a direct flight on Southwest. We got a car and checked into our hotel for the night. The next morning, we drove to Sandia Peak. It’s actually a really nice mountain, especially for beginners. The kids and Susan enrolled in ski school. It had been a while since I ski’d, so I used the morning to ski alone and get the feel back. We all metup for lunch. The kids were doing pretty good skiing without poles on a bunny slope. Susan’s group still hadn’t even put 2 ski’s on yet. They just had one ski on and were pushing with the other leg. I ski’d a little more and then met up with them towards the end of the day, when class was out. We all went up the bunny slope together. We got off the lift fine, but Susan ski’d directly into some trees. She tried to come down the mountain, but had to end up walking down with her ski’s. The kids did pretty good making it all the way down with only a few crashes.

Sunday morning, we had breakfast at a cool pancake place. We then explored old town Albuquerque and did a hike at Petroglyph National Monument Park before heading home.

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