Dominican Republic

8/10 – 8/14/2012

I found a deal where you could buy a 4 day/3 night all-inclusive vacation for a family of 4 for $299 through TripAlertz.  The hotels looked pretty good.  So, I bought it with the hopes of going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  It was a pain to use it at the place that I wanted for the dates I wanted, but with some persistence, I was able to use it.  I used AA miles for our flights.  We had a 1 night and partial day layover in Puerto Rico.  We got to explore the fort in San Juan and the old town area.  We were really impressed with it.

The flight to Punta Cana was short.  At the airport, we were met by 2 hotel staff members to drive us to the Dreams Palm Beach resort.  We drove on a nice, modern highway, but the houses on the sides of the road seemed very 3rd worldy.  Before we got to the resort, we went through a small town, the van we were in seemed to speed up to go through the town.  When we arrived, security was very tight to enter the hotel.  The workers kept talking about how safe everything was, which made us feel that it wasn’t really safe.  Inside the resort, however, was pretty amazing.  The room and resort grounds were great!  The beach was covered in seaweed, but the workers tried their best to keep it clean.  The star of the show, though, was the food.  Since it was all inclusive, everything was free.  We had multiple smoothies everyday, and poolside food.  Every night, we’d have dinner at a nice restaurant.  They were all great and the service was great too.  Also great, were the activities at the resort and kids club.  We had a fabulous time relaxing at the resort.

We flew home early, so we had to leave the resort at around 4 am.  The lobby was deserted and as we waited for our ride, Susan missed a step and fell.  As she was lying on the floor, in the dark, she shouted, “Can I get some light over here!”.  We’d have lots of fun reenacting this for years to come.

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