Washington D.C.

8/31 – 9/3/2012

Labor Day weekend, we decided to take the kids to our Nation’s Capital.  We flew into Baltimore, late, on Friday night.  I used points for our flights on Southwest.  We rented a car for $51 for the whole trip.  We were staying at the Grand Hyatt in Washington DC on a cheap costco rate.  Since I was Diamond with Hyatt, I was able to use a Suite Upgrade certificate.  We had an amazing 2 bedroom suite, with living and dining areas.  It was HUGE!

Our first day, we toured the mall area and did a tour of the White House.  When we were in the mall area, outside of the White House, we saw that they were having some kind of event on the lawn of the White House.  A little later, we saw Marine One take off and fly over us.  We are pretty sure that President Obama was inside!  The next day, we did the Smithsonian the Spy Museum.  Our last day, toured the Capital Building and Ford Theater.  Even though we had a car, we seemed to walked miles and miles each day.

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