Chicago – Wrigley Field

Sept. 2-4, 2013


The SPG Moments or 2013 included lots of Chicago Cubs experiences. I decided to pass on them, since Trey and I went the prior year. However, Ron Flanagan was going with a friend and their sons and the friend had to backed out, so they were able to transfer the tickets to me. Trey and I flew up on Southwest, using our companion pass. We stayed at a the Hilton Chicago and got upgraded to a huge suite on the executive floor, with a great view of Lake Michigan.


We had free breakfast and snacks throughout the trip. While we were there, they were filming a TV series in the lobby. Christian Slater was one of the actors that we got to see.


The Cubs were playing the Marlins. We got to the game early so we could walk around. The ushers spotted Trey and Heath and let them go on the field before batting practice in the kids corral area. The boys got a few balls and autographs, including Andrea Dawson, who is a coach of the Marlins.

IMG_2587 IMG_2589 IMG_2590 IMG_2592 IMG_2599 IMG_2600 IMG_2608

During the game, we were in the Starwood suite, right behind home plate, with free food and drinks.

IMG_2609 IMG_2615 IMG_2616

During the trip, we had explored the city and had multiple games of catch.


IMG_2555 IMG_2558

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