Cozumel Cruise

November 13 – 18, 2013


JBF celebrated its 10th annual conference by holding it on a cruise. Stacey, Greg, Susan and I all attended. We flew on American Airlines and I was upgraded to first. We had Larry Brown, the former Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl MVP on our plane. We flew in to Miami Airport but stayed in Ft. Lauderdale. The original plan was to stay on South Beach and hang out on the beach that next morning. We weren’t going to have as much time in the morning so we decided to stay closer to the cruise ship port. We stayed at the Fort Lauderdale Hilton. We had a really nice 2 bedroom suite with living, dining and kitchen. The best part was the view from the huge balcony. The next morning, ate the free breakfast buffet for Diamonds.

20131114_102820 20131114_103116 20131114_103119

Our cruise ship was the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas. We had a slightly upgraded room with a port window. Since it was a conference, the girls had conference activities during the days. We also ate dinner with the conference group every night. The food was OK. We especially enjoyed trying all the desserts and it was common for us to each order 2 or 3. I’d say it wasn’t as good as the Carnival cruises that we were on. The Royal Caribbean however seemed “classier” than the Carnivals that we’ve been on. We had some free time on the ship and took in some shows and had some deck time. Our one day at port was in Cozumel. We went to a beach club called Nachi Cocom. It had a nice beach, a swimming pool and unlimited food and drink. Several other conference attendees came to this this place, so we had a good time hanging out with them. Greg and the girls got massages on the beach. I went with some others on a snorkel trip. It was the best guided snorkel trip that I’ve been on. We saw tons of sea life and even saw a nurse shark. Back on the boat, one night they had a silent dance party.  All of the ladies put on head phones and danced.  The fun part was that there were different stations to listen to, so people were listening to different songs, so the floor was pretty chaotic.  I really like a lot about cruises, the food, the relaxation, the activities and days in port. But, it is really a hassle boarding and de-boarding. They are also starting to charge for meals more and more. Not just the really nice places, event the burger joint and cupcake bakery.

20131117_22315720131116_111944 20131116_122327 20131116_144043   20131118_002002

Before we flew back, we had a couple hours in Ft. Lauderdale. We went to a really good seafood restaurant by the beach called Coconuts.

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