Disney World

Disney World – 11/22/2014- 11/27/2014


Our pre-Thanksgiving trip for the last few years has been Disney World.  This year, several of our friends were going to be there at the same time.  It was the Flannagans, Loshers, Talleys and Moores, 22 people in all.  We tried to coordinate meals and parks as best we could with such a large group.

It is really hard to do Disney on a budget.  We were able to fly for free on Southwest on points and our kids flew on our companion passes.  Disney was having a deal on free dining if you stay on property.  We love the dining plan, but will never pay for it.  We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter.  We’ve stayed here before and really like it because the resort seems small and the transportation is good.

This was one of our favorite Disney trips because we had so many friends with us.  The size of the group was never an issue.  We all didn’t stay together the whole time, but tried to meet up every now and then.  We had lots of fun with our group on some of the rides.  We’d try to make silly photos on Splash Mountain and Buzz Lightyear.  On Big Thunder Mountain, we took up the whole train and caused quite the scene.  We’d start a slow clap and chant “Thunder, Thunder”,

One of the big “bonuses” of the trip was that we were  in the pilot group to try out the new Magic Bands.  In addition, we got room keys, so we could use those for Fast Passes.  We also heard that if you brought your old room keys, you could use those for Fast Passes too.  We brought 16 old keys for our family and shared with the others.  We basically had unlimited Fast Passes for this trip.  These really came in handy, because the parks are pretty crowded over Thanksgiving.

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