New York with the Losher Girls

May 23-26, 2014

Stacey and I have talked about going to NYC for years and we finally did it.  We went to celebrate Madison graduating from high school.  Stacey and Madison went Friday morning and had the day in New York.  They saw Newsies that day and loved it.  I arrived really LATE on Friday night.  I had to wait until after work to leave and then I had a delay in Houston.  I arrived at the Newark airport around 1am and took uber to meet them at the hotel.  We stayed in Times Square.    It was a suite with a bedroom and a living room that had a pull out sofa.

The next morning we woke up and took the double decker bus tour on the downtown loop.  We got off the bus at the  World Trade Center & went shopping at Century 21 discount store.  I was really looking forward to taking them both to China Town.  I wanted the “scary” experience where we were taken to a hidden room to buy a knock off purse.  We did and I giggled the whole way.  The lady did not like how long we were taking to decide so she kicked us out.  We ended up finding another place and got a couple of bags.

We continued the tour to Battery Park and then detoured over to the half price show ticket booth at the South street seaport.  We got tickets to Chicago.  We headed back to the hotel to get ready and went to the show.

Other highlights of the trip were watching the street performing break dancers at Central park and the interesting dance they did by Madison.


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