Africa Trip – New York – Friday, June 20


Africa Trip – New York – Friday, June 20
Africa Trip – Nairobi – Saturday, June 21
Africa Trip – Nairobi – Sunday, June 22
Africa Trip – Naomi’s Village – Monday, June 23
Africa Trip – Naomi’s Village – Tuesday, June 24
Africa Trip – Naomi’s Village – Wednesday, June 25
Africa Trip – Naomi’s Village – Thursday, June 26
Africa Trip – Naomi’s Village – Friday, June 27
Africa Trip – Naomi’s Village – Saturday, June 28
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Africa Trip – Masai Mara- Monday, June 30
Africa Trip – Safari – Tuesday, July 1
Africa Trip – Nairobi – Wednesday, July 2
Africa Trip – Egypt – Thursday, July 3
Africa Trip – London – Friday, July 4
Africa Trip – New York – Saturday, July 5
Africa Trip – New York – Sunday, July 6

Africa Trip – New York – Friday, June 20

Our flight left at 7am so, we spent the night at the Hyatt at DFW. We caught our flight to Newark, NJ. Once we got there we took a car into the city for our 9 our lay-over. We walked through Times Square, got a slice of NY pizza at Famous Original Rays (not to be confused with Rays, Famous Rays or Original Rays). Then we made our way to Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes and up to Central Park. We walked MILES and really wore ourselves out for the next flight.

We took off from Newark headed to London. It was a rough flight because we really wanted to get some sleep.


IMG_0676 IMG_0666 IMG_0664

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