Africa Trip – Nairobi – Saturday, June 21

Africa Trip – New York – Friday, June 20
Africa Trip – Nairobi – Saturday, June 21
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Africa Trip – Nairobi – Saturday, June 21

We arrived at London Heathrow for a quick layover. All of our friends had an even shorter layover so, we were anxiously waiting for them on the plane. Thank goodness they all made it. The flight to Nairobi was 8 more hours. We arrived around 9pm. Our friend,  Lameck, came to pick us up and take us to a hotel.  After going through getting our Visa’s  and luggage and driving to the hotel, it was after 11pm when we got there.  The rooms only slept two people so, our family had two rooms.  It was the first time I slept with a mosquito net.





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