Africa Trip – Naomi’s Village – Tuesday, June 24













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Africa Trip – Naomi’s Village – Tuesday, June 24

The weather in the morning is so cool. We needed jackets. It is winter here in the southern hemisphere.  Our “job” for today was building pews for the IDP camp. The frames were built of steel so, we painted them and the men cut wood for the seats and back. The wood was freshly cut rough timber that we had to mill.


While in the workshop, one of the teachers brought a class of the older students.  They were to have a lesson with the maintenance man.  He brought out a bunch of tools and explained their uses and gave a demo.  The kids got to try some of the tools out.  They were very engaged in the whole process and took notes and drew pictures of the tools.  Every worker in Naomi’s Village is involved in the education and child raising process.


The older kids worked with the babies and toddlers that were not in school and the younger kids played.  When the school student’s had breaks we could play games or play soccer with them. They LOVE any attention you give them and come to you seeking it.  Our kids love playing with the babies. They have Richie, Virginia, Moses, Jake, Julia in the baby room. There are a lot more toddlers. Our daily ritual has been to work in the morning, eat lunch and then play with the kids.  Dinner for the kids is usually a stew of some kind in a bowl.  One evening they also had cake for “dessert” (they really don’t have dessert here).  The servers would cut a big slice of cake and put it in the stew.  Dinner is the big meal for the kids and they scarf it down.  Even the toddlers feed themselves and make a huge mess, but they don’t miss a single crumb.  The kids are expected to clean their plates or they get in time out and have to come back and finish it.  One toddler didn’t eat all of her food.  She got a lecture about how their were starving people down the street and she was expected to finish her food.  After dinner we went to help with the serving dinners, doing the nightly devo in the kids rooms and praying over each of the kids as they go to sleep.  We ended the night back at our guest house playing spoons. It was a very LOUD game! IMG_0901  IMG_0912IMG_1233

One thought on “Africa Trip – Naomi’s Village – Tuesday, June 24

  1. Jimmy and his buddy are ao cute!! Great stories. Awesome that the kids are learning life skills at the village.

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