Africa Trip – Naomi’s Village – Friday, June 27


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Africa Trip – Naomi’s Village – Friday, June 27

Every morning we wake up and have breakfast at our guest house. Today Jim made “Egg in a Nest” and Teresa even wanted to
try one. Aaron, Clint and Nolan went to work on the ceiling at Mahwenghei again. They are hoping to have church there on
Sunday so, they have been working hard to get it done. The rest of us worked with in the toddler and baby class or
continued to work on the church pews. We have learned that everything that would take a day or two in America takes at
least twice as long in Africa. We do not have the right drill bits for the drill, the wood is too wet to stain and we
don’t have enough supplies, but we have just had to make it work. A Home Depot would be really handy around here.

In the afternoon we got to spend some time with Bob and Julie. We sat for at least an hour listening to Julie tell the
kid’s histories. It is amazing that she can remember all the details and dates for each child. Most of them are more
traumatic than we can even imagine. Julie is an amazing woman of God, she shed tears for the kids as she told us about
them. My favorite thing she told us is a story about bringing three brothers to Naomi’s Village from the neighboring
town, Maai Mahiu, out of a situation where they were taking care of themselves. As she drove them to Naomi’s Village she
told us of how God spoke to her, reminding her that that situation is exactly like our salvation. These boys didn’t ask
for help, but it was given to them anyway and they were brought to a place better than they could ever imagaine.
Everytime a new child is brought to Naomi’s Village the staff and children all welcome them at the gate and go straight to
the dining hall to celebrate with cake. They celebrate immediately, even though they are filthy, to show them that how
they love them just the way they are. Then they show them their new room and let them shower.

After listening to the stories of the children we got to spend the afternoon playing with them until dinner. It is hard
for us to understand how these kids can be so joyful and alwasy smiling, when thinking about their stories.

We had Mexican food for dinner!!! Mark spoiled us with homemade chips and guacomole. We have decided that Teresa and
Mark need to come home with us! In the evening we joined the kids for TV time.  They get around 45minutes to watch a movie.  Tonight, they were watching an old Barbie movies.  After that, we had devotional time with the kids and headed to bed.  The older kids got to stay up, since it was Friday night, and watch High School Musical 2.  The kids knew every word to every song.

There are several things that I do not want to forget about Kenya. We learned a great phrase that Americans could learn
from. “Haraka Haraka Haina Baraka”: In the hurry there is no blessing

Swahili words:
“Jambo”: Hello
“Mzungu”: white person
“Sawa”: OK

There are also things at the house that take a little gettin used to…
the brown water that is the “filtered” water we drink, we have to use Brita filtered water to brush our teeth,
climbing on the top bunk to go to bed and praying I don’t fall off, how loud the den is in evening and we are all yelling
at each other to have a conversation

It is all “SO GOOD” though!

IMG_1024 IMG_1023 IMG_0998  IMG_0974 IMG_1303 IMG_1295  IMG_9757IMG_9777 IMG_9776 IMG_9769 IMG_9764 IMG_9760



One thought on “Africa Trip – Naomi’s Village – Friday, June 27

  1. Just found out about the blog from Debbie! What wonderful updates and the pictures are so touching! All the kids are beautiful! God bless you all. Continue to be safe and you all will stay in my prayers!

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