Africa Trip – Naomi’s Village – Saturday, June 28


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Africa Trip – Naomi’s Village – Saturday, June 28

Saturday is a special day for the Naomi’s Village kids, just like for our kids at home. Bob and Julie come down early and cooked breakfast for the kids. Today, it was eggs, sausage and African fried bread called Mandazi (almost like a sopapilla). Once the kids are served, they get to watch cartoons in the dining hall. After breakfast, the kids do a service project for a couple of hours. Today, we joined the NV kids as they served the people at the IDP camp where we are finishing the church. The NV kids, our kids and wives cut weeds, did some road work (meaning: shoveling rocks) and played with the kids. It was fun to serve along side the NV kids and good for them to get to see those who are less fortunate than themselves. Natalie even got to help wash some clothes using a bucket and a bar of soap. Our kids also got to shuck corn. The men worked on the ceiling some more. It is 80% complete, but it needed some additional framing to hold the ceiling. We worked for 2-3 hours, then joined the villagers in some fellowship and had some corn that they boiled fresh out of the field. We also got to try some roasted corn, which they lay in the coals of the fire. As we got ready to leave, two funny things happened. First, Bill was trying to pet their donkey, and he got donkey kicked him in the knee. I don’t know if Bill has ever moved that fast. Secondly, Bonaface’s car, “the green hornet” wouldn’t start. We looked for jumper cables, but couldn’t find any. So, the African men started looking for any wires. They found a speaker wire, stripped it, and tried to jump the car with it. They had no regard for getting shocked or anything, they just wrapped the wire around the battery posts with bare hands. The wire speaker wire just burned up. They found a slightly larger wire and tried it again, and the car actually started! The drive to the IDP camp is really rough. Although only 5 miles away, it takes 20-30 minutes to drive it. The road is really bumpy and you get bounced around all over the place, especially if you are in the back of the pickup. We were stopped by a herd of sheep and goats on the way.  We all made it back to Naomi’s Village and had a quick lunch, then we started our hike to Kijabe. Kijabe is a small town in the mountains behind Naomi’s Village. It has a few small stores, a hospital and a couple of schools. One of them is a prestigious boarding school called Rift Valley Academy. They say the foundation stone was laid by Teddy Roosevelt. The hike to Kijabe was very interesting. The first part was just hiking down dirt roads and passing lots of farms. We had some local kids follow us for this sections. Then we got to the mountains and started climbing. We ended up taking a wrong turn and hit the road to Kijabe. This made our journey much longer than it should have been. It also let us know how out of shape we are. In Kijabe, we visted a few of the shops. They are tiny and most just have essentials. We did find one that had some Coke Zero so we bought all they had. Because it was getting dark, and we had walked so far, we called NV and they sent a car for us. The girls saw some baboons on their way back. At night, we had a bonfire for the older kids and a dance party. The music wouldn’t work, so we just had toasted marshmallows and the kids sang a few african songs. They say the dance party is usually pretty crazy. Susan brought a bunch of glow sticks that the kids enjoyed.

Some other African words that I want to remember are:

Cho cho (“Sho Sho”) which means Grandma

T.I.A.: This is Africa (thats what they say when something doesn’t work or when it takes longer than it should)

Also I have to get a video of the NV kid’s chant when they like what someone did (including adults):

Good Job Natalie, Way to go Natalie, keep it up Natalie, You are a superstar!!!

IMG_1025     IMG_1085     IMG_1057 IMG_1052 IMG_1047 photoIMG_1064IMG_1067IMG_1080IMG_1039 IMG_1097IMG_1095IMG_1086IMG_1102photo (8)IMG_1111IMG_1112

One thought on “Africa Trip – Naomi’s Village – Saturday, June 28

  1. What an awesome day!! Reading about the dance party I was really hoping Susan showed the locals a few of her drill team routines!!! Maybe next time!

    Keep serving! Love y’all!!!

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