Africa Trip – Naomi’s Village – Sunday, June 29


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Africa Trip – Naomi’s Village – Sunday, June 29

What an awesome morning! We got up and drove (on the bumpiest road on the planet) to church at the IDP camp. It was great to see the fruits of our labor in the church with the ceiling almost finished and we were able to worship on the benches we built. One thing we have learned in Kenya is that if you are a guest somewhere, they treat you like family. We were so welcomed at their church and the members sat at the back so we could sit on the benches. The worship service was very different than what we are used to and it was GREAT!!! That church was so filled with the Spirit that I was brought to tears several times (of course that doesn’t take much). The women seemed to take the lead in the worship service. It was very spontaneous and someone at the back of the room might start a song. They had the young boys and girls stand in front and lead songs and then they asked the “TEAM” to sing (that’s us). We had not planned anything so we sang “Amazing Grace”. Aaron Swanson spoke to the congregation with Boneface as an interpreter. He did a great job, especially since he just found out he was speaking last night.  After worship we took pictures of each of the families that we are going to print out and deliver to them. These families have never had a picture of themselves. They were so excited. I have to give credit to my friend, Stacey Losher, for that idea. After they had their pictures taken we had foam frames for the children to make. It was great because the adults got in on it too. After we returned to Naomi’s Village, some of our team went to a groundbreaking for a battered women’s shelter.  Their was singing and a sermon.  After, they had the groundbreaking.  The African’s swung the hoe really hard to take out a big chunk of land.  When Julie, from  Naomi’s Village took her turn, everyone laughed at how lightly she swung the hoe.  There were lots of “Muzunga’s” (traveler or  at the groundbreaking from an organization called Love Africa.

We had a “small world” experience here. There are three interns J’Layne, Ally and Ashley. Ashley works as a teacher in Plano ISD and will be a 4th grade teacher next year. She works at Boggess, which is where my nephew goes AND he will be in the 4th grade this year. He was so excited that we were here with her. He would be so blessed to have such a precious teacher. In the evening we went to put the small girls and small boys to bed. After they brushed their teeth, we went around and said prayers with each of them. Talk about EMOTIONAL! I had to have Jim say some of them because I was sobbing. Those kids are SO precious. It is going to be hard to leave them tomorrow, but they are in the best possible place here in Kenya. One thing I haven’t mentioned is that the kids here are not here to be adopted. They are being raised here to be successful Kenyan’s that contribute to their society. It is awesome to talk to the kids here, they have BIG dreams to be doctors, neurosurgeon, teachers and preachers. We can’t wait to see how successful they are.

I John 3: 18

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.

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