Africa Trip – Masai Mara- Monday, June 30


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Africa Trip – Masai Mara- Monday, June 30

Today was a sad day because we had to leave the kids of Naomi’s Village. Bob and Julie were there to see us off. They thanked us of coming and said they’d see us next year. We packed and loaded into two safari vehicles and headed off to the Masai Mara which was to be about a 5 hour drive. The drive was nice as we were looking at the sights and looking for animals. As soon as we left the town of Mahi Mahu, we started seeing Masai people. They wear colorful wraps and skirts and some had big holes in their ears. We stopped at a roadside shop to buy souvenirs. The Yeagers bought a big 6 foot wood carved giraffe and named it Naomi. The second half of the trip was on a bumpy dirt road. We finally arrived at our hotel. Our rooms were actually really nice tents with 2 beds, a bathroom and running water and electricity (for most of the day). Since the electricity was on a generator it was off all day and came on at 6pm and went off again at 10:30pm. The lobby and restaurant were both open air. There were several Masai guards that paroled the tents all night long to keep the tents safe from animals. After dinner these men walked each family back to their tents. We got an orientation and then we had time to eat and freshen up before our first safari. The safari vehicle seated 8. During the safari, they popped the roof open so that we could stand and see out really well. On our first night safari we saw elephants, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, a big male lion and a cheetah. That night, we returned to the hotel for dinner. Before dinner, we sat around a campfire and then got to see a group of Masai do dance for us. They had a weird song or tune that they hummed as they danced around. They also circled up and did the Masai jump. They’ve got some serious vertical. They chose people from the audience to join them and they picked Trey. He did a good job copying them. After dinner, we were escorted to our tent by a Masai guard. The rooms only had electricity at certain times. When the electricity went out it was pitch black so it was easy to go to sleep. We slept well, but heard the guard and animals making noises all night long.

IMG_1203IMG_1218IMG_1219IMG_1338IMG_1224IMG_1231IMG_1233  IMG_1234IMG_1258IMG_1315 IMG_1297     IMG_0006IMG_1407

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