Africa Trip – Egypt – Thursday, July 3


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Africa Trip – Egypt – Thursday, July 3

So….our flights on this trip were paid for with miles and planned by Jim. He loves travel more than anyone I have ever met and cannot go on an international trip and only see one place. His excuse for our LONG journey home was that it was purchased with miles, but I know better. I know that he wanted to stretch the trip out and see as much as he could on our way home. So, all of our friends flew from Nairobi to London and then to Dallas. Our trip home will take three extra nights and stops in three different cities. We fly from Nairobi to Cairo and have an 8 hour layover in Cairo, that is just long enough for us to take a tour of the city and pyramids. Then we fly from Cairo to London. Since we arrive at 10pm we will HAVE to spend the night there and spend the next day in London. Then, we head back to the Good ol’ U.S. of A and land spend two nights in New York. We couldn’t just do one night because the Texas Rangers will be there playing the Mets and my baseball loving boys have not been to that stadium. Of course we love to get some time to relax as a family and it is even better because all of our hotels are paid for on points as well so, other than food and activities these extra days are all FREE. We left the Nairobi hotel at 2:00 am. The hotel booked the driver for us and he was waiting for us as we exited the hotel so, we felt safe. Thankfully, the roads were clear and we made it quickly to the airport. We were really beaten down by Nairobi traffic the day before. We checked in and our plane was on time. We flew Egyptian Air and it was interesting hearing all the announcements in Arabic first and they even did an Islamic prayer before we took off. On decent in Cairo, Susan and the kids were able to see some pyramids and the Nile River out the window. We were in and out of the airport pretty quickly and met Hanny of Egypt Fun Tours. We loaded into his bus and he and his driver took us on a tour of Cairo. The traffic in Cairo was as bad a Nairobi. They do not use lanes and do use their horns, A LOT. The first stop was the Giza pyramids. These are a group of 12 pyramids, two of which are the largest in the world and the Sphinx. The pyramids weren’t crowded at all. Hanny was very knowlegable about the history and guided us around. We got to crawl down into one of the pyramids. It was a steep ramp that you walked down backwards while holding onto side rails. Once at the bottom we were in the burial chamber, it was small and you could see where the mummy was placed. It was very humid inside. We also got to take a short ride on some camels and get some pictures. At the pyramids, sales people were constantly following you around trying to get you to buy stuff. Hanny told us just ignore them, because their prices were too high. One beautiful Egyptian 10 year old girl followed us the entire time at the Sphinx and spoke in English. It was sad that she was having to do that while our 10 year old, Trey was there enjoying himself. Hanny told us that in Cairo’s population, 15% are very wealthy and the rest are very poor. You could see the discrepancy as you drove through the town. Next, he took us to a store that makes papyrus. They gave us a demonstration on how to make it and gave us some hybiscus tea. That stop was obviously one he got a kick back for because it was a huge pressure sell and we felt we couldn’t leave until we bought something. I was ready to get out of there so, we bought a small family tree” picture and Jim haggled to get it for $20. By this point our lack of sleep was catching up to all of us and it was so hot that we were exhausted, but one of the main things Jim wanted to see was the Old City Market and Medieval Islamic Town. We were glad Hanny was with us, because this isn’t something we would do on our own. The buildings were really old and beautiful. It was fun looking around the market. It was huge and thankfully not very busy. Hanny said at night it really comes alive. We bought a few souvenirs and even got to try some fallafel bread. Hanny is Muslim and our driver was a Christian. He told us that 85% of Egyptians are Suni Muslim, the rest are Coptic Christians. After that, we made our way back to the airport. The traffic was unbearable, but we left in plenty of time. Security at the airport was very strict. They did not allow anyone into the airport at all unless you had a boarding pass. We found out that it was that way because one year ago on July 3rd was the violent government coop and they were worried about violence on that day. OH BOY….I’m glad we did not know that earlier I was already very nervous about going to Cairo. I prayed prayers of thanksgiving the rest of the day that we were safe. Once inside security, we found a Burger King. It was the best meal of our lives! We got burgers and fountain drinks for the first time in two weeks. We flew on Egypt Air to London and were so happy to hear their beautiful English. Egypt Air in Nairobi checked our bags all the way through to Newark Airport even though we asked many times to make sure we would get them for our overnight stay in London so, we traveled into London with only our carry on bags. The Heathrow Express Train takes you right into the city in 15 minutes, BUT out particular train had some problems and it took an hour. It had been a very LONG day so, we showered and crashed at the Park Hilton right across from Hyde Park.

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