Africa Trip – London – Friday, July 4


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Africa Trip – London – Friday, July 4

Jim always gets up before me so, not surprisingly, when I woke up he was already on his computer. He informed me that our flight to Newark for that evening at 6pm was cancelled so, we had an extra night in London. We were put on another plane for Saturday at 8:40 am so, once we booked a hotel room for that night (using points of course) we took our time seeing the city. We originally had planned to walk close to our hotel and then head to the airport so, now we just wandered with no plans and it was awesome. The only problem is that we were still in the clothes we had put on in Nairobi the day before and that we had spent all day in HOT Cairo in so, my goal was to find a cheap store to get some clothes. Natalie was so excited about shopping in London. Before we got started touring, we got free breakfast in the lounge. The best part were the blueberry muffins with blueberry icing on top. England has a reputation for bad food, but they are the first to invent breakfast cupcake muffins.  We walked through Hyde Park, played in the Princess Diana Memorial playground in front of Kensington Palace and then walked to Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guards. After that we walked to Westminister Abbey, Parliament and Big Ben. We showed up right at noon and got to hear the bells. We rode the Tube to Leicester Square to see what shows they had “day of” tickets for. Wicked was available and we couldn’t help ourselves. All four of us love that show, even though we’ve seen it several times, but we’ve never seen it in LONDON. 🙂 We had fish and chips for lunch at a tiny (adorable) pub. It was delicious! One thing we noted about London is how CLEAN it is and they have plants and flowers everywhere. Although I LOVE New York, London has done a much better job with the cleanliness of the city, the nice Tube stations and with the nice cabs. The city was also all decked out because Wimbledon was going on and the Tour de France was going to start there the next day.  We had a little time to waste so we finally decided to find a store for some clothes. We rode the tube to Harrod’s, as if we could afford any clothes there. Natalie found several things she loved, Gucci sweat pants were on sale for 149 pounds (approx. $300). We decided against them…. As luck would have it there was an H&M just down the street (much more our “speed”) and we both found a couple of things to get us through that day and the next. We got ready at our hotel and headed to the show. Wicked is a little different with the English accent, but just as good. The show didn’t end until 10:30pm so we hopped in a cab to go to a hotel near Heathrow. There was traffic around Hyde Park because Ozzy Osbourne was in concert. I can’t believe he can still perform…hopefully no bats were injured. Our cab driver said that Ozzy was staying at our hotel. We made it to the Hilton by Heathrow for the night.

IMG_1607 IMG_1610 IMG_1615 IMG_1617 IMG_1621 IMG_1623  IMG_1633 IMG_1635 IMG_1636 IMG_1638IMG_1555 (1) IMG_1642IMG_1558

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