Africa Trip – New York – Friday, July 5


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Africa Trip – New York – Friday, July 5

Our flight was early so we grabbed breakfast in the lounge and the hotel had a car to take us to the airport. Heathrow is HUGE. We got to our terminal and still had to walk at least 20 minutes to our gate. It is a beautiful airport with plenty to occupy your time until your flight. We sat in the United Lounge until boarding and had more breakfast. The flight into Newark was 7 hours. We got there an used Uber (car service) to get into the city. I LOVE driving into Manhattan!! I get so excited seeing the skyline of the city. It was a beautiful day and there was little traffic. Our driver was from a small town in South America and I had a good time talking to him about our trip to Africa. He could relate to many of the stories from his hometown. I always enjoy talking to drivers and getting their stories. We stayed at the Andaz 5th Avenue which is right across from the New York Public Library and Bryant Park. It was a few blocks from Time Square and Rockefeller and a short walk to Central Park.  We used a free night pass. The rooms in NYC are typically very small and when the lady saw our kids she upgraded us to the “Splash suite”. It was on the third floor and had three rooms. The den with a big couch for kids, a HUGE bathroom with a soaker tub and the most gorgeous shower I’ve ever seen (thus that name “splash suite”) and the bedroom with floor to ceiling windows looking out on the Library and the Empire State Building. AWESOME!!! It is my new favorite hotel in NYC. We got ready and wanted to spend some time in Greenwich Village. We walked through the Village and sampled food and window shopped. Our original reason for stopping in NYC on our way home was because the Rangers were in town playing the Mets, who they don’t play every year. So, Natalie and I got tickets to see the new Disney Musical Aladdin. The boys went to the game and the girls went to the show. The time change was killing us all that night so, we all had a hard time staying awake at our events and the boys left a little early. The Rangers won and Aladdin was spectacular.

IMG_1651 IMG_1652  IMG_1656 IMG_1657 IMG_1659IMG_1588IMG_1589IMG_1591  IMG_1592IMG_1661 IMG_1662 IMG_1663   IMG_1668  IMG_1672 IMG_1676 IMG_1681IMG_1654IMG_1601

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