September 19 – 20,2014


We were scheduled to go to Houston and Kansas City, to see the Rangers and for Trey to visit 2 more ballparks. The Rangers were losing so bad at this point in the season and I found another deal that I really wanted to do, so we changed our mind.  I was able to purchase a package through Starwood, for 2 box seats to a Cubs game and Trey would get to run out on the field with a Cubs player during introductions.  To sweeten the pot, the Cubs were playing the Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw was pitching for win number 20 on the season.  The package cost 7,500 Starwood points, a pretty good value in my opinion.

We flew Southwest early on Friday morning to Chicago using points.  When we arrived we headed straight to the Metro toward Wrigley.  Upon arrival, we got our free tickets and went inside the park.  This is our third trip to Wrigley but it is exciting every time.  As were were looking around, we saw Yasiel Puig walk over to some fans and start signing autographs.  Trey and I hurried over and tried to get an autograph.  We were so close, but didn’t get it

Next we went to check in so Trey could get on the field.  They gave Trey a ball, which the player would autograph, and hat.  His assigned player was Arismendy Alcantara, the center fielder.


The nine kids went down on the field behind home plate, and waited for the time to run out on the field.  I was standing right beside the Cubs owner and Larry King.


They finally got to go on the field.  Since Trey was in Center, he got to run the farthest and stay on the field the longest.  After a few minutes, the players ran on the field, and signed the balls for the kids at their position.  When it was over, the kids ran off the field.  Trey regretted not running over to the Ivy to look for lost balls.

Now it was game time, so we went to our seats.  We were on the second row, right behind the Cubs bullpen on the 3rd base side.  Now, Trey’s mission was to get a Commemorative, Wrigley 100 year ball.

IMG_1985IMG_1987  IMG_1982


He got it!  We ended up getting 4 game used balls, 3 of which were the special logo ball.  One was the home run ball hit by A.J. Ellis of the Dodgers.  When it was hit, the Wrigley fans through it back on the field.  The ball made its way to the bullpen and they gave it to Trey.  Trey got all of the balls from players and coaches in the bullpen.  I had a good chance at a line drive, but the guy in the row in from of me hit my glove so I couldn’t catch it.  The game was high scoring with lots of bombs and Kershaw did win the game.

IMG_1993 IMG_1991

IMG_1999 IMG_1994


When the game was over, we headed to downtown to our hotel.  Before we got there, we stopped at Lou Manati’s, our favorite deep dish pizza place.


We stayed at the Hyatt McCormick Place on points.  The hotel was really nice and we got upgraded to a big suite.  Our room had a view of downtown, Lake Michigan, Soldier Field and U.S Cellular field, where the White Sox play.

IMG_2021IMG_2027 IMG_2025 IMG_2024

The next day, we decided to go to Wrigley again.  We left the hotel early walked around Soldier Field.  We stopped and played catch for a while on the grass outside Soldier Field.

IMG_2032IMG_2028 IMG_2030 IMG_2029


This game, we were in the bleachers.  Before the game, Trey got some Dodger autographs, including A.J. Ellis.  We were so close to getting Clayton Kershaw, but just missed it.  Trey got another ball, as a player threw it into the stands after warming up.


IMG_2042IMG_2041 IMG_2049 IMG_2048

We didn’t get to stay for the whole game as we had to catch a flight home.  When we got home, we had fun showing Susan our “haul” and telling her our stories.



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