Phillipines Trip – Hong Kong


Philippines Trip – Hong Kong
Philippines Trip – Philippines
Philippines Trip – Hong Kong(return)

Philippines Trip – Hong Kong
Monday – 1/19/15

I had the opportunity to go on a Mission trip with our church to visit one of the organizations that we support in the Philippines. I was actually kind of nervous about a variety of things leading up to the trip. We had planned to have the necessary supplies to build some playground equipment for the kids, but it proved challenging to buy equipment like we have in the States. The person we were visiting, Luis “Chito” Cuisi, had a daily itinerary for us, but we knew it was floating and we would be flexible. Our team was Kevin Dennis, Stacey Losher , Adam Herndon and myself. We were routing to the Philippines through Hong Kong and would have a layover in Hong Kong, both ways.

We left from Kevin’s house on Monday morning. We had to take 2 cars, because we had so much stuff that we were bringing. Susan was able to take Stacey and I. We got to the airport and had a little more than an hour to spend in the Centurian lounge. We all had breakfast and Stacey got a complimentary manicure. We didn’t have time for massages. We boarded the plane for our 11:30 am flight and were seated in Main Cabin Extra, thanks to Kevin being a Platinum AA member. This, over 16 hour flight, is the longest flight that AA flies. I decided not to worry about sleeping. I just watched movies, did some work on my computer and dozed a little bit. The flight really wasn’t too bad.

Tuesday – 1/20/15

We landed in Hong Kong at 6:30 pm on Tuesday. Hong Kong is 14 hours ahead of home. It was easy to get our bags an get through immigration. We walked to our hotel, the Regal, which was connected to the airport. We had 2 rooms, 1 for Stacey and one for the boys. After checking in, we decided to take the airport train into the city for dinner. We went to the IFC Mall and walked around looking for food. It was a typical mall, like in the US. It even had a Garrett’s Popcorn. We had one incident at the mall. We wanted to go up a level so we waited for an elevator. When the door opened, a large homeless woman stepped partially out, but wouldn’t move out of the way. I stepped up to her, but she didn’t step away. Kevin did the same. She was holing a plastic fork at us, threateningly, and speaking some other language, i thought it was French. Anyway, we decided not to force it, so we backed away to go to the other elevator. She finally moved, though, so we got on “her elevator”. When she saw that, she came back, yelling at us, and stuck her fork in the elevator door as it closed. We had a good laugh at her. We finally found a sit down Chinese restaurant in the mall called Crystal Jade. We ordered an assortment of things. Adam ordered pidgeon, because it came with the head attached. Stacey and I had very small tastes of it. It would be Adam’s and Kevin’s mission to eat all the nasty looking stuff, wherever we were. We also order fried rice and pork dumplings that I thought were pretty good. After dinner, we bought some Garretts popcorn and walked around a supermarket. We then trained back to our hotel at the airport. Adam and I stayed out a little longer looking at the shops in the airport, then we all turned in.


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