Phillipines Trip – Hong Kong(return)



Philippines Trip – Hong Kong
Philippines Trip – Philippines
Philippines Trip – Hong Kong(return)

Philippines Trip – Hong Kong

We flew to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific and arrived at 9:30. From the airport, we took the airport express train to Kowloon and crammed into a taxi to get to our hotel. We had to ride with big suitcases in our laps. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui. I got us two rooms using cash and points and used a suite upgrade. We had a suite with 2 adjoining rooms. The hotel was in a great location and the rooms were pretty nice, but on the small side. We made it up to the room and hung out for a while with the TV on. We hadn’t seen TV for a week.


Monday – 1/26/15

The next morning, we got up early and went to the lounge for breakfast. We, then walked to the Star Ferry dock and bought tickets for the Big Bus, hop-on hop-off bus. Since we only had 1 day in Hong Kong, we thought that would give us the best chance to see everything. We ferried over to Hong Kong Island and hopped on the Green line. The Green line took us out of the city. We saw Ocean Park and the coast and did some shopping at Stanley Market. The weather was perfect and the scenery was stunning. When we completed the loop, we got off the bus, and ran to 7/11 to buy some drinks and snacks, then jumped on the Red Line bus. This bus gave us a tour of the city. Our first stop was to take a boat tour of the harbor. It was a neat experience to see all the junked out fishing house boats. On our next stop, we took a trip up to Victoria Peak on the funicular tram. On the peak, we had views of all of Hong Kong. There was also a full mall at the top. We came back down, got back on the bus and got off in the city to see the worlds longest escalator. Hong Kong island is really steep, like San Francisco. We went up part of the escalator and then wandered back down using side streets and looking at all the street vendors. At this point, we were almost out of time, so we returned to the hotel to rest. We hung out in the lounge for a couple hours, munching on snacks. The lounge was on a high floor and overlooked Hong Kong Island. While we were there, we watched the sunset and then saw the city slowly light up. It was a great view and we had great conversation. We left the lounge and walked to the “Walk of Stars”. Most of the “stars” were Chinese people who we didn’t know, but they had funny names. We laughed till we cried at some of the names. At 8pm, music started playing and the light show began. It was pretty impressive and worth the wait. We then took the very crowded subway to the Ladies Market. The Ladies Market was a long stretch of street that was shut down with vendors selling knockoff stuff and souvenirs. We would stay here until past midnight and this is where we would “Break Kevin” because he had no desire to be there. Natalie sent me a list of stuff to buy for her, shoes and purses, so I set off to buy them. At one point, a lady took us to her apartment to show us some purses. Adam and I went up and he kept asking if she was going to kill us. It was pretty shady. After a few hours and many purchases, we hit the end of the market. We got some bubble tea, ding dong cakes and waffle balls. Then we went nearby to a similar place called the Night Market. It was a lot of the same. We closed the Night Market down and taxied back to the hotel.

IMG_3926IMG_3827 IMG_3836   IMG_3845     IMG_3881 IMG_3882 IMG_3883 IMG_3884 IMG_3908   IMG_3925  IMG_3929  IMG_3936 IMG_3937  IMG_3942 IMG_3951 IMG_3954  IMG_3958 IMG_3959 IMG_3960


Tuesday – 1/27/15

The next day was our flight home. It would be a 38 hour day. We had a little time before we had to leave so after we had breakfast in the lounge, Adam went for a jog and Stacey and I went looking for a few more souvenirs. Kevin stayed at the hotel to recover. We took the airport express to the airport and boarded our flight back to DFW. This flight was only 14 hours because we had the wind at our back. We were in Main Cabin Extra again and most of us had empty seats next to us. I only slept for about an hour, but I got to watch lots of movies and I bought internet access to do some work. We landed at DFW, collected our bags and got picked up by Dennell Dennis to take us home.


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