Spring Training with the Losher boys

February 28 – March 2, 2015

We went with the Losher boys for the second year in a row. We were going to make it a quick, 2 night trip. On the Saturday morning on the way to the airport,there was a big ice storm in Dallas. One the way to the airport, we almost had a couple of wrecks, including a full 360 on the interstate. The weather in Phoenix was supposed to get bad too. I considered rescheduling the trip, but couldn’t find another time when we could go.

We arrived in Phoenix early on Saturday morning. We got in the car and started towards Surprise to see the Rangers. On the way, I got a call from Blake, who works for the Rangers. He said they were calling off practice due to the rain. We turned around and went to Peoria to see the Mariners and Padres Camp. The Padres were still practicing, so we watch a little and then got some autographs. The big ones that Trey got were Matt Kemp and Trevor Hoffman. We also drove to see the Reds and Indians practice facilities.

IMG_4137 IMG_4140 IMG_4146 IMG_4152

We stayed at the Hilton Squaw Pointe just north of Phoenix. I used points and we were upgraded to a 2 story Casita. The hotel had a water park with a slide, lazy river, water basketball and volleyball and mini-golf. We spent hours playing games in the water and had a great time together.

The next morning, we got up early and ate at the hotel. Trey got syrup everywhere, so we made fun of him and told him that when he was getting autographs, he was going to get syrup on the balls.  He earned the nickname, “sticky balls”.  After breakfast, we then went to Glendale to see the Dodgers and White Sox camps. They opened an hour before the Rangers, so we wanted to stay for a short time. The players were just coming out for practice. Trey got a few autographs, included Jeff Smardjia of the White sox. We then rushed to Rangers camp and hung out while they practiced. Trey got lots of autographs and found a couple of broken bats. We went outside the park for batting practice but didn’t get any balls. That afternoon, the Rangers had an intersquad scrimmage. Yu Darvish pitched and afterwords, Trey got his autograph. We were pretty tired, so we grabbed some lunch and went back to the hotel to play for a long time in the waterpark.

IMG_4156 IMG_4164 IMG_4199IMG_4173 IMG_4176 IMG_4177

Our last morning, we woke up to rain. We had breakfast and drove to Mesa to see the Cubs. The players were just loosening up when the rain started falling hard, so they all went inside. After that, we drove to see the Arizona State Football stadium and Hall of Fame. Then we went to the Angels park. The Angels were doing light work. Trey got a ball and got really close to Mike Trout, but didn’t get an autograph. The rest of the day, we drove around from camp to camp. We had one last game of catch in a parking lot and then we flew home.

IMG_4184 IMG_4187 IMG_4190 IMG_4192 IMG_4195

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