June 20, 2105

The Rangers were playing a weekend series in Chicago versus the White Sox. We hadn’t been to US Cellular field, so this was a great opportunity for a quick trip for the game. Since the flight is pretty easy, we were going to go up and back the same day. Using our Companion Pass and booking in advance made the flight really cheap. It was a day game, so we took an early flight to Chicago. Upon arrival, we took a cab straight to the field. We arrived early and had time to walk around the park and go in some shops. There isn’t much around the stadium, so we had to walk a ways to get to some shops. Before the gates opened, we watched the Rangers take batting practice through a chainlink fence.





When the gates finally opened, we went inside. Trey collected autographs while the pitchers were warming up and I tried to shag homerun balls from batting practice. Trey got several autographs, including Chi Chi Gonzales, and a few balls. He even got to play some catch with Mike Maddux, the Rangers pitching coach. When the players were finished warming up, we went and walked the concourse. We had great seats behind the White Sox dugout. It was a good game and the Rangers almost won. We like to hang around for a while as the park clears out to try to soak it all in. One of the Rangers players, Adam Rosales, was hanging around talking to family and fans. We talked with him for a while. He was super friendly. When we left, we took an Uber to our favorite pizza place, Lou Malnati’s. We scarfed down a pizza and then Uber’d to the airport for our 8:30pm flight. When we got home, we were tired, but had a great time and got to sleep in our own beds.

IMG_0283 IMG_0287 IMG_0290 IMG_0293 IMG_0295 IMG_0296 IMG_0298 IMG_0300


IMG_0303 IMG_0306 IMG_0310 IMG_0314 IMG_0324

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