August 21-23, 2105

I planned a weekend trip to Detroit for Trey and I to see the Rangers. The trip started out well, because on the way out of Rockwall, we got free custard at Culvers! We flew Southwest and arrived late in Detroit and stayed in a suite at the Hampton Inn by the airport. The hotel and air were virtually free. The next morning, we swam in the hotel pool for a while. After that, we got an Uber to go into town. Detroit has a little monorail that has several stops around town. We explored the downtown area that way. We say General Motors, Joe Louis Arena and then had a coney at a dive called Lafayette Coney Island. Apparently, coney chili cheese dogs are the thing in Detroit.

After that, we went to the river front and rented bikes. We road for miles along the river and across to Belle Isle. We had a rest stop Belle Isle to watch the speed boat race and play some catch before we headed back.

After we returned our bikes, called Uber again. We got the same driver! He took us to Comerica Park for the baseball game. There was lots of action in this area because there was a Brad Paisley concert across the street at Ford Field. We were there early, so we walked around the park and went in the shops.

I texted Blake and he was able to get us some batting practice field passes that got us in the gates early. It was alot of fun for Trey and I to be on the field. Trey was able to get lots of baseballs and autographs from Miguel Cabrera and JD Martinez of the Tigers. He got lots of Rangers autographs too. We were the last people on the field after Rangers batting practice. It felt awkward, so we left. We still had time before the game, so we walked around the park. Comerica is now one of my favorites. The game was exciting and the Rangers won! They had a firework show after the game, but it was weak in comparison to the Rangers postgame fireworks.

The next morning, we had an early flight home and would have made it home in time for church if we hadn’t sat of the tarmac in Dallas for 30 minutes. Detriot is an old city, with friendly people, trying to bounce back the poor economy. The downtown area has lots of old and empty buildings, but it looks like some of the areas were being revitalized.


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