Cabo San Lucas


Our pre-Thanksgiving trip was in Cabo. We’d never been before and were looking forward to checking it out. I booked the flights through Southwest using vouchers and our companion passes. Because I booked it late, we had a early flight, 6:30 a.m. and were routed through Denver. It was cool to get a little taste of the cold and see the snow for our hour layover in Denver, knowing that we’d be in 90 degree weather in a few hours. Upon landing in Cabo, we had a tough time at the rental car place. I’d reserved a car through National for $17 for our entire trip. They included “mandatory” insurance that raised the rental to $100. I fought for a while but they wouldn’t budge. I finally decided to get the car so we could begin our vacation. The car was a hunk of junk and I was worried about wrecking it the whole time.

Or hotel was between the town of San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. We made a few stops in San Jose before going to the hotel. The first stop was for lunch at place called the Tropicana Inn. It was close to the town square and had shops all around. We loved the food, especially the queso fundido. After eating, we strolled around town and went in some shops. Then, we drove to Walmart to purchase sunscreen, drinks and snacks. After that, we drove to the hotel. We were staying at the Hilton Los Cabos. I had emailed before the trip and got them to upgrade us to a nice suite. The hotel and room were phenomenal. It was very clean and classy. We quickly changed into our swimsuits and went to explore the grounds. We had just enough daylight to walk on the beach and then went for a swim in the pool. The water was so warm and comfortable. After our swim, we went to the room to watch TV and go to bed.

The next morning, Trey and I got up at 6:30, right as the sun was coming up, and went to save a spot by the pool. We’d read that the good seats get taken early and we witnessed that. We were able to find some great seats close to the pool, but overlooking the ocean. We liked it so much that we picked this same spot everyday. The girls joined us and we went to breakfast. We had continental breakfast included with our room. It was really good and we got our fill on fruit and pastries. After breakfast, we spent our time at our chairs or the pool or the beach. The pool was a perfect temp. The ocean was a little rough, but we were still able to get in some. It was Sunday, so I spent some time in the lobby watching the Cowboys, too. That evening, we went into Cabo San Lucas to do some shopping. Trey and I hired a boat to take us to see the arch. He showed us the sea lions and some other cool sites. It was very wavy. The girls stayed went to the mall. When we met back up, we went to a really nice restaurant in a hotel, overlooking the bay with the Arch and the cruise ships.

Monday morning after breakfast the girls went the spa for massages. Trey and I hung out by the pool. That evening, we went back to San Jose del Cabo to do some shopping. Susan got a set of glasses that she really wanted. I had a good time haggling to get a good price. We ate at the Tropicana again and got more queso fundito. We also went to a grocery store that had a Dairy Queen in it.

Tuesday was our last day. We had some time to hang out at the pool in the morning before going to the airport to fly home.  We’ve been to Cancun and Cozumel several times, but we liked the vibe of Cabo much better.  The beaches aren’t quite as nice, but it is less crowded and feels safer.

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