Paris – Stacey’s 40th Birthday

January 15th – 19th, 2016

Susan and Lisa surprised Stacey with a trip to Paris for her 4oth birthday.  After we had booked the trip and before we told Stacey about it, there was a big terrorist attack in Paris.  The girls were a little worried, but decided to still go.

Jim got us a baguette from Panera to get is ready for Paris!
Stacey had a birthday cake for us to enjoy!
The plane seat was SO small!  It was crazy and uncomfortable for 9 hours.


We arrived at 9:30am and were met by a driver on a great Mercedes to go to the hotel du louvre.  Our room was a suite that had two twins and a pull out sofa.  Luckily, we got into our room so we could change clothes because it was COLD outside.  We decided to just walk around on our own so we headed to Angelina for lunch.  We got their famous hot chocolate (8 euros and worth it!)  We ate a Croque Monsieur and quiche! It was the best way to start our trip!

Then we wandered to Notre dame and found out the crown of thorns from Jesus is (supposedly) there!  What?  That is crazy!  Then we toured the islands and got Berthillion ice cream.  We were super tired after being up for so long but we powered through and walked the Latin quarter and Saint Germaine.  The little streets were amazing, we could have stayed all day.  We had walked 17,000 steps and had not slept and we were all hurting in some way so we got a cab to the Eiffel Tower so we could see it at night and decided to go on up.  We  went to the second level and saw Paris at night!  We took a cab back to the hotel but decided to have a hotel picnic for dinner.  We had a baguette, Brie, Bon mamon, and cookies.  The best meal!!!  They left Stacey a birthday cake and a bottle of wine.  Then on to crash with some melatonin around 9pm.

We took our time getting up, had breakfast at the hotel…yum!  Chocolate croissant!
We bought our ticket to the louvre at the hotel and got to go in a door just across the street from our hotel.  We wandered out way to see Mona and winged victory and lots of other beautiful artwork we did not appreciate enough….
After the louvre we got on the double decker bus tour.  Yep, it was 30 degrees but we are gamers.  We saw all of Paris and changed buses to see Montmartre.  It was educational…
We also got our first CREPE!!  It was life changing.  We did a little shopping and took a cab back to the hotel.  We tried to go to la soufflé for dinner but it was closed so we went to a little cafe by the hotel and sat under heat lamps and had Croque madam (a Croque Monsieur with a fried egg on top).  We actually stayed up late that night.

We got up, had breakfast at the hotel again and headed to DISNEYLAND!  We took the RER train about 45 minutes to Marne-Le Valle.  It was FREEZING!!  We got our tickets and we were so excited bc the park was empty!!  We rode everything we wanted to ride by early afternoon, shopped a little for souvenirs and headed back to Paris.  On the way from the train station we went to Galleries Lafayette, a huge department store.  After dropping our bags at the hotel we tried La soufflé again and it was worth it.  We shared ham&cheese, cheese&pear, and chicken/mushroom soufflés and ended with a chocolate one!!

So…..we briefly chatted about our flight home and picked when to leave for the airport yesterday.  I should have looked a little closer at the times bc at breakfast as I checked my email I realized our flight left at 10 and not 12:55….PANIC!!!  We literally RAN out of the restaurant, got our bags and got a cab to the airport.  By the time we left the hotel our flight was boarding.  I needed the expert Jim to help so I called him at home (2am, his time) to fix it.  Luckily, there was another flight we could get on an hour later.  It was SO stressful!!!  We had the strangest check in at the airport.  A new security measure  is a series questions that we all had to answer separately like, how did we get to the airport, what did we do on our trip, where did we stay, where do we work, what’s our bosses name?, what are we going to do when we get home.  They just sat and stared at us.  So weird!!  We ended up on a great plane that was empty so we each had two seats and lots of movies to choose from.  We were routed through Philadelphia and on to Dallas.  It’s time to be home but it was a great and easy trip (minus the flight issue).

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