Minnesota Twins

7/2 – 7/3/16

After our big Europe trip, Trey and I flew from Chicago to Minneapolis to watch the Rangers play the Twins.  The girls flew home.  We flew on Frontier at a really cheap rate.  We just took a small bag with a change of clothes and our baseball gloves so we wouldn’t have to pay bag fees.

We stayed at a Hilton near the Mall of America and airport. That night, we went to the mall. Trey loved it because they have a theme park inside. I loved it because they have just about every store and restaurant you can think of, including a Shake Shack. We were pretty tired from the flight and extra long day, so we went to the hotel and got to sleep before 10.

The next morning, we got up early and and had breakfast in the lounge. We then took an Uber to Target field. The Rangers were playing the Twins. We had lots of time to explore the ballpark. Trey got 3 balls from players and 3 autographs. The stadium is pretty new and really nice. We had good seats, about 20 rows up from the Rangers dugout. The Rangers ended up losing by 1 run, but it was a good game. It was a clear and sunny day. It was only 77 degrees, but the sun made it feel hot. We each had a hot dog, some tiny donuts and dipin dots, the ice cream of the future. We flew back home after the game. We were tired, but glad we got to check another ballpark off of our list.

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