St. Kitts and Nevis


The kids were on mission trips, Natalie in Washington DC and Trey in Colorado, so Susan and I took a trip to St. Kitts and Nevis.  We didn’t know anything about these islands before we booked the trip.  I was looking for somewhere we could fly using AA miles and it was one of several options we were considering.  We picked St. Kitts because there was a new Park Hyatt opening that looked awesome.  As we got closer to the trip, I got a call from the Park Hyatt saying they wouldn’t be opening in time for our stay.  So, they offered to put us up in the Four Seasons on Nevis.  We gladly accepted because we love Four Seasons!  They one thing to note about this trip was that I left with a sinus infection and I returned with a really bad cough.  I was sick the entire time and had trouble sleeping.  We didn’t let that affect our time on these beautiful islands though.
We dropped the kids off for their trips on Saturday and we left for ours on Sunday morning.  We flew AA from DFW to MIA to SKB.  Each was only a 3 hour flight.  We had a layover in Miami and went to the Centurion lounge for a while.  It was really crowded but we both managed to get appointments for manicures.  We landed in St. Kitts around 9pm, grabbed a taxi and arrived at the Marriott St. Kitts.  The hotel and room were about a 3.5 out of 5.  The lobby was being renovated while we were there.  We checked in and walked around the resort, it was huge.  We ended the night playing a few games in the casino.

Our first morning, we walked down to a coffee shop outside of the hotel for breakfast.  After that, we went to hotel beach and relaxed for a bit.  The beach was beautiful, but we had to make sure we were downwind of some really smelly seaweed.  We found out that all of the Caribbean Islands on the Atlantic side were having an issue with this seaweed.  The resort was doing what they could to get rid of it, but it kept coming.  The hotel did have free beach cabana, so that was nice.  While we were there, we had a guy stop buy with a monkey.  He stole Susans’ smoothie.  At 11, we took a taxi into the main town, Basseterre.  We shopped for souvenirs for a while and then picked up our rental car.  They drive on the wrong side of the road here.  We drove around the whole island of St. Kitts in about 3 hours.  We made one stop to visit an old English fort up on a mountain called Brimstone Hill Fortress.  It was pretty amazing.  We also stopped at several beaches.  Our favorite was Cockelshell beach.  We hung out for a while at Reggae Beach at the end of Cockelshell.  We saw several packs of monkeys on our drive.  They like to say that the monkeys were brought by the French as pets when they occupied the island and they outnumber the people.  That night, we went to a nice dinner at a restaurant near our hotel called Rock Lobster. Susan went back to the room to do some work and I hit the casino.  Their ATM is broken, so I could play anything.

Tuesday morning, we did breakfast at the coffee shop again, then we did a tour of the island on an old Sugar Cane Train.  It was kind of neat, but we’d seen most of the island the previous day.  After the train ride, we hung out at the hotel pool and had some awesome pizza.  That night, we went to see a movie at the only theater on the island.

On Wednesday, we got up super early to catch our boat to Nevis.  We only had a day and half at the Four Seasons, so we wanted to get there as early as possible.  We got there at 8:30 and our room was already ready.  We immediately explored the resort.  It was beautiful and the service was amazing.  They called us by name as soon as we set foot on the property.  We grabbed prime spot by the main pool and hung out for a few hours.  We took a break to go into the town of Charlestown.  It is pretty small, but crowded.  Nevis’s claim to fame is that Alexander Hamilton was born there.  They have a museum dedicated to him and several things are named after him and his family name.  The locals were well aware of his popularity in the states and several of them brought him up and asked us trivia.  The locals were all very friendly and charming.  After about 30 minutes in town, we went to Sunshines Bar and Grill for lunch.  It was on Pinney beach, the best beach on the island and the same beach as the Four Seasons.  Lunch was kind of of weird because we had all these local guys coming around and talking with us.  After lunch, we walked down Pinney’s to the Four Seasons.  We spent the rest of the day in our pool chairs or on the beach.  I did some snorkeling and saw lots of colorful fish.  That night, we had dinner at the Library.  We turned in early to our fabulous Four Seasons beds.

Our last day, we got up early and had breakfast.  I’d negotiated breakfast with the Park Hyatt, so it was free.  It would have cost $114 for the two of us.  After breakfast, we went straight to the pool.  We hung out until the last minute before meeting in the lobby at 12:30 for our boat ride back to St. Kitts.  We were very impressed with Nevis and the Four Seasons and would love to bring the kids.  We returned the rental car and made it to the airport for our 3:40 flight to Miami.  We were to stay the night in Miami before catching a flight to DFW early in the morning, in time to go to work for a few hours.

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